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There may be some rather strange things you see or hear of at our wedding so this little section is designed to let you in on a bit of our folklore so that you will understand what is going on! We will start at the beginning (sitting comfortably?) of this booklet where you will see on the front cover a flag - our flag in fact because if you know how to interpret the symbols it turns out to be our initials on top of each other - WDC (William David Craig) and MGS (Maxine Gladys Selina) - easy when you know how!

The other things you may see or hear about are Blackwatch tartan ribbons (which Craig at one point in history tied 13 up Maxine's arm), poppies and bluebells (special flowers for us), and last but by no means least Billy the Clown and the McDuck family. Billy the Clown is in fact Craig's other persona and every time something notable happened or there was some special occasion Craig would send Maxine a Billy the Clown poster to commemorate the event and quite early on a little yellow duck started to appear on these posters.

This was because Craig had sent Maxine a card saying everything he had was hers but please could he keep his little yellow rubber duck and being the generous soul she is Maxine then sent him a little yellow plastic duck subsequently named McDuck and one of the original tartan ribbons (mentioned before) was put round his neck. McDuck has since acquired a wife and several children plus an Uncle by marriage!! There is more much more but that is probably enough to explain most things that may appear or be referred to at the wedding and also probably enough to convince you all that we are totally mad - so be it!!

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June 21, 2002
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