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The Bride’s Family

Maxine’s Parents.
Sarah Saville, Maxine’s mum, now lives in Islandmagee, Northern Ireland following the death of Harry, Maxine’s dad in 1994.

Roy, Sue, Morgan, Shannon
Saville. Roy is Maxine's second brother, and lives with his family in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada.

Donald, Marina, Nathan, Jason, Emma.
Saville. Donald and family live close to Sarah, in Islandmagee. Nathan is unable to be with us.

Alan Gilmour with a young Jamie and Jason (not able to attend, due to the recent arrival of his own daughter). Alan, husband of bridesmaid Morag, is an NHS health worker, living and working in Leeds.

Kennedy, Margaret, Darren, Gillian Crossett. Aunt, Uncle & cousins of Maxine, from N. Ireland. Unfortunately they will not be able to attend.

Sam McNiece.
Maxine’s uncle
from N. Ireland.

We are sorry that Maxine’s uncle Bertie McNiece and his family, from Northern Ireland, are unable to join us due to the recent sad loss of Bertie’s wife Hilda. We would like to offer daughter Zandra and her fiancée Nigel every best wish for their forthcoming wedding in September.

Paul, Sarah & Rebecca Drinkwater.
Maxine's Nephew and family from Lancashire

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