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We are going to be extending Maxine’s house so that we can squeeze the combined contents of two households into the place and still have room to put up the family.

We are inviting all our guests to «Sponsor a Brick» to help with the building work.

At the house-warming party, when all is done, decorated and tidied, we would like to invite you all to come and see the results. All those sponsoring a brick will be invited to sign a commemorative area in the sitting room wall as a lasting tribute to all who have helped us on our way in our new life in this manner.

Please send you contribution to:

Craig and Maxine at
208 Babylon Lane Heath Charnock
Nr Chorley
Lancs PR6 9ES

Please make cheques payable to the
«Buy A Brick Account».

For those of you who do not fancy the idea of sponsoring a brick, we have assembled a short list of items that we would suggest as potential gifts.

Please send E-Mails to


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