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Alwyn & Barbara Telford
Close family friends of Maxine from N. Ireland.

Nicki Munro
Daughter of Norma and friend of Maxine from Lancashire.

Bill & Tricia Dunning
Work colleague of Craig and friends of both C & M.

Christine Maxwell
Friend of Maxine from Lancashire, unfortunately can not be with us.

Pauline Ward
Wife of Mike, the Best Man, originally from South-west Scotland, now London.

Andrea Sinclair
Wife of Howard, Chief Usher, from Wilmslow near Manchester.

Graeme, Sally and Alexandra Chrystal
Graeme, an ex-pat Scot, is work colleague & friend of Craig. Sally is ex-pat Kiwi, both now friends of both C & M and living in Surrey.

Garry & Sue Warburton
Garry has been variously work colleague of Craig & Maxine, and friend of Craig, now living in the Paris area.

Catherine Pryde
Wife of Jack (MC) and friend from youth of Craig.

Martin & Claire Spedding
Martin is a former colleague of Craig in Switzerland, living with Claire in Basel.

Ralph & Brigitte Paul
Close friends of Craig and Maxine from Basel in Switzerland. Craig and Ralph go way back! Ralph is Ruth & Roland’s son and Brigitte their new Daughter-in-Law, since May.

Roland & Ruth Paul
Ralph’s mum & dad, from Basel in Switzerland. They have become very close friends over the years. We now regard them as our «Swiss family».

Jürgen Berger
Former colleague of Craig in Basel, loyal member of the Burns Night club and friend of Craig from Frankfurt.

Clive Chalcraft
Former colleague of Craig’s in Switzerland, friend and ally from Teddington in London, currently living near Paris.

Roz & David Joynes
Roz was a former colleague of Maxine, now good friend along with David of both C & M. Living near York.

Ellie & Ishmael Donmez
Dr. Dow (Ellie to her friends) and Ish are friends, living near Dundee.

Keiran & Carmel Corrigan
Kieran, work colleague of Maxine, married last year to the lovely Carmel who is unable to attend due to the imminent arrival of their first child. Kieran and Carmel live in Belfast.

Tim & Lyndsey Murphy
Tim is a work colleague of Maxine. Recently Tim and Lindsey became proud parents of Andrew, living in Edinburgh.

Mark & Helen Taylor
Mark is a work colleague of Maxine, living in Sheffield.

Lynn & Roger (Kell) Kellerman
Old friends from Maxine’s teenage years in Kent, now living in Gloucestershire.

Phil & Catherine Falconer
Friends of Craig & Maxine from Edinburgh.

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