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Wedding List

Please note:
If you intend to purchase any item from this list, could you please contact our Best Man, Mike to check availability and register your intended purchase.
You can contact Mike at:
Work: 0207 547 1174
Home: 0207 833 5048
  • Tefal steamer, 3-layer, 1000cc, dish-washer safe (available from Comet in Black and Silver)

  • Expresso, cappucino & filter coffee maker No brand. Black preferred

  • Bread maker (no specific preference)

  • Juicer (no specific preference)

  • Frying pan.
    A quality non-stick frying pan, with a lid.

  • Cutlery
    Viners Rattail design, available from Debenhams as sets or singly

    Table Knife (8)
    Table Fork (8)
    Tablespoon (8)
    Teaspoon (8)
    Soup Spoon (8)
    Dessert Knife (8)
    Dessert Fork (8)
    Dessert Spoon (8)

  • Crockery
    Home Elements from Debenhams
    Colour: Elements White

    Dinner plate (8)
    Small pasta bowl (8)
    Dessert plate (8)
    Tea cup (8)
    Tea saucer (8)
    Large salad bowl (1)
    Medium bowl (1)
    Large ovel plate (1)
    Divided dish (2)
    Oval roaster (1)

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Wedding List