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Craig Maxine

I call myself a consultant to the healthcare industry, specialising in market research, information management and strategic planning, now heading Zaicom Research Plus, a part of Zaicom International. Born in London to itinerant Scottish parents, I am the eldest of two children born to Bill & Nora Porch. I grew up in Dunfermline before moving to Jamaica for 3 years, then returning to southern England to complete my education as a biochemist.

I joined the pharmaceutical industry in 1978 and stayed in the industry until 1996, spending 10 years in Basel, Switzerland. There, I met lots of interesting people, several of whom will be with us on The Day, and did a little work too! I then left to work as an independent consultant for some years before joining Zaicom full-time.

I enjoy music and play several instruments, although sadly not often enough! I fly microlight aeroplanes and those who know me will tell you I am ardently Scottish, enjoying national dress, national culture and national drink (anytime, anyplace, anywhere)! You will be able to meet my parents, sister and both my children, Kathy and Jonathon at the wedding.

I am, for those who do not know, a Regional Sales Manager in the pharmaceutical industry looking after 4 hospital and 4 GP reps whose territories cover Scotland, Ireland and the North of England.

I was born in Merseyside (not saying when!), but grew up in Northern Ireland. My Dad was an engineer from Lancashire and my Mum a Nurse from Northern Ireland. I am the eldest of the family, with three brothers (Donald, Roy and Mark) and one sister (Morag).

Because Dad was an engineer we moved around N. Ireland a lot, including a two year stint in India, ending up in Kent where I finished my education and started work as a Secretary. I spent two years in South Africa before returning to N. Ireland to start a second career in the pharmaceutical industry.

Along the way I have collected two sons (Derek and Wayne) who are both at University, and sadly lost a much loved father in 1994. Mum now lives near Donald in Islandmagee, N. Ireland, Roy in Canada, Morag in Leeds and Mark in Scotland.

Maxine and Craig met at an international medical meeting in Gleneagles in Scotland. The attraction was instant, and look what happened!

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